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Junior Haiti share

What the children in our Junior Haiti Share Program receive:

Assistance with tuition in local elementary or secondary schools.

    We partner with parents, who provide around half of the cost of their child's education, and our sponsors provide the rest of the cost.

Classes each Saturday morning

    These classes are taught by the young adults in our sponsorship program

    Academic Classes: English, Computer, Bible and Music

    Character Training: Respect, integrity, mental focus, communication skills and much more.

Consideration for future benefits when they complete high school

Because our Junior Haiti Share children have had the Haiti Share values instilled in them every Saturday while they are growing up, they are prime candidates for our young adult college and trade school program.

Monthly Talent Shows

Around 200 neigborhood children participate in a monthly talent show. Young adult volunteers from the community help prepare the show, and the children can be found practicing in the back yard of the Haiti Share training center throughout the month.

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Children's Christmas Party

The older Junior Haiti Share youth plan the annual Christmas party for around 300 neighborhood children.