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Formal Leadership Training

Some of our formal training is only for our sponsored students, but much of it is for the broader community.

See also the team projects in which our sponsored students participate.

Initial 6 month training program

Young people new to the program attend weekly classes led by the director of Haitian operations.

Weekly Leadership Emails

The founder/executive director sends emails each week to our sponsorees and others who are interested. Topics include leadership, character devleopment, entrepreneurship and spiritual development.

Individual mentoring

The director of Haitian operations mentors our sponsorees. Also, the executive director, in addition to working closely with the director of Haitian operations via Internet chat, mentors team members during 3 to 4 visits to Haiti a year, and through email.

Annual Training Retreat

This is a 3 day event held in the early spring for our sponsored students and a few other young adults who volunteer to help with the team projects.

Annual Leadership Conference

This is a large-scale conference for the broader community. Our speakers are experienced Christian leaders with an understanding of the particular needs of Haitians. Our sponsorees handle all details for the conference except for obtaining the conference speaker. Our attendees receive certificates of attendance, which many of them record on their job resumes. Pastors return home with their notes and teach the content of the conference to their congregations.

Opportunity to attend local meetings

From time to time our sponsorees receive stipends to cover transportation and enrollment fees to attend various seminars and conferences held in Port-au-Prince.

Bimonthly seminars at our training center

These seminars are held on a variety of political economic, and leadership topics.

With your help, we can provide training for more young Haitians.