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Entrepreneurial Support

Microenterprise Loans

We are providing microenterprise loans to a few of the parents of the children in our Junior Haiti Share program. Loans average around $250 each. All recipients have repaid the loans.

We plan to add several new people to the program soon and to give larger loans to some of those who proved faithful with the initial loans so they can increase their businesses.

Clauvens at his store

After receiving a microenterprise loan from Haiti Share, Clauvens was able to open a store in his house. He has repaid the loan and his business is doing well.




Haiti Share Creations

Ruth photo

Ruth is skilled in crocheting but was not able to find buyers in Haiti. She completed a class in advanced crocheting and started teaching a class of her own. Now seven ladies in Haiti crocheting a variety of beatiful hand-crafted items.

We are selling these crafts in the U.S.A. through "Texas Hearts for Haiti, a division of Haiti Share.

crocheted snowflake