Feature Stories

NICOLAS, 2013 University Graduate in Business Administration

Nicolas studying

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While in college, Nicolas was usually up before dawn studying by flashlight.

In addition to a full school load, Nicolas found a part-time job reading meters at the the Port-au-Prince Utilities Company. When he showed his boss his university diploma, his boss transferred him to a desk job and hired him full-time.

Nicolas continues to be active in the projects of his Haiti Share team.

JOSETTE, 2016 Senior in Finance


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Josette is currently working on her senior project and at the same time is employed with a Port-au-Prince relief organization.

Email from Josette:

I'm happy because I'll be able to use the knowledge that I'll get from the university for others. Sometimes I'm sad when I see that there are so many youth in my country who wish to go university but they don't have opportunity to go. But sometimes I'm happy because I have hope that one day Haiti Share will have scholarship funds to help those young people too.

STEPHANIE, 2016 Senior in Business Administration


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Stephanie is currently working on her senior project and at the same time keeps the books for Haiti Share.

Email from Stephanie in 2008

The purpose of my letter is just to thank you for helping me to go to high school and I want you to know that this put a big joy into my life.

Email from Stephanie in 2016

Thank you for giving me and the rest of the financial committee the opportunity to go to  the Finance Summit this year. We learned a lot about finance and micro credit and we will continue to put that knowledge to advance Haïti Share.