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Haiti Share Hurricane Relief Efforts

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Coverng Roofs in Jeremie, Haiti
May 8 - May 15, 2017

A team of 9 Haitians from Haiti Share went to a poor community on the outskirts of Jeremie, Haiti to put roofs on several homes that had been devastated by Hurricane Matthew and had still not been repaired. Jeremie?is about 170 miles from our training center near Port-au-Prince. They bought the materials from local businesses in Jeremie?in order to encourage the economy there.

covering roofs

"We have so many stories and at times we were on the verge of heartbreak, to see how the people suffer in soul and in body. But we did the best we could to help them. We want to thank the donors and churches who supported the trip. God will bless you, as do the people that have a roof now."...from the director of Haitian operations


Haiti Share contributed funds to Dr. Codio, a long-time Haitian friend of Haiti Share, to build a large outdoor latrine for a neighborhood consisting of around 100 families living in a sandy area between the highway and the sea without one single toilet, either indoor or outdoor.  He coordinated with the community members and had the engineer teach some of the young men in the community how to build the toilet and supervise them during the process. The project was finished in early February, 2017.

latrine project


Wednesday, Oct 26, Haiti Share took food, water and other supplies to the church near Les Cayes where the team held their 2015 Bible Camp.

From our director of Haitian operations: I talked to the pastor of the church and told him that is a gift from many churches and friends that love Haiti. So he should share it in justice to the people most in need most. He was very grateful. Our thanks go to the donors. We are doing our best to help the most number of people we can.

relief photos

Oct. 19, 2016 From our director of Haitian Operations

Dear Friends,
It's hard to know where to start but it's always good to start with thanks. Together you have contributed financial support to hurricane relief for which we are very grateful. Thanks to improved communication and visits to the affected area, we are getting a better idea of what the needs are and how we can best respond in the short and longer term.
Again, thank you for your concern, your generosity, your thoughts and prayers. We are grateful to be able to provide immediate assistance to those in need thanks to you.


Haiti Share sent a team of 11 to a church in Grand Goave (Eglise de Dieu des Rachetes) on Oct. 13. with relief supplies, including rice, beans, oil, antibiotics, water, powdered bleach for purifying water, and clothing as the roofs were blown off of the homes of these families and everything inside was ruined.

hurricane relief

The Haitians who distributed the supplies and those who received them would like to thank the donors and all those who are praying.

lady receiving relief supplies

Early Hurricane Damage Reports

Oct 6, 2016: 

From our director of Haitian operations: The South is still out of contact with PAP. But Digicel, Natcom and the government are working on that. Most of the roads are cut. The CEP announces that the elections this Sunday are postponed. Our training center has not had electricity since Sunday; we are using our generator. The country needs food, water, gas and tents. Many churches are devastated too. We have to be strong to not cry; the situation of this people is bad and they are suffering. Thanks for the prayers, advice, love and money you will share with us to help this people in this bad situation.

Oct 5, 2016

From our director of Haitian Operations: The community where our training center is located was largely spared, but Haiti Share has contacts in two of the towns that were hardest hit: Les Cayes, near where we held our 2015 Bible camp, and Grand Goave, where the team recently held their mission trip. Our team is checking into the best ways to help in these communities, whether it is to take food, medicine, WATER, and/or water purification units for the cholera outbreak that is expected due to the massive flooding. May God touch hearts to help this people in need and thirsty, hungry. We hope to help as many as we can. Thanks to help and support us. Raymond, director of Haitian operations