Why give to Haiti? Why give to Haiti Share?

Why Haiti?

  • Young Haitians are hungry to know God better.  They are eager to learn job skills.  They have a deep desire to help their fellow Haitians and to lead their country out of deep poverty.  

  • A small amount of money does a LOT more in Haiti than it does here.  For example, our annual five-day Bible day camps cost $10 per child for the whole five days including a morning snack, a full lunch and all other expenses.  An education at one of the best universities in Haiti costs less than $5,000 a year.

  • Haiti is our neighbor and they are in great need. Poverty here doesn't even compare with poverty there.

  • There is nothing that says people who have been blessed financially can't give both locally and globally.

Why Haiti Share?

  • When you donate to Haiti Share, your money goes to build Christian leadership that will help solve the financial problems in Haiti, not just feed the people for one more day. 

  • We teach Haitians to do for themselves, rather than doing for them.

  • We integrate Biblical principles into our leadership programs so that the faith of our trainees can grow and mature along with their ability to lead and to become self-supporting.   

  • We have been establishing a track record of success.

    • Our two college graduates have full-time jobs; we have three more who will graduate soon.

    • The children in our Junior Haiti Share program are starting to graduate from high school. One of these we are sending to college now.

    • Several people in the community have been able to start their own businesses through our microenterprise loan program.

    • Ladies in the community are earning money when we sell their crafts in the USA.

    • Some of the graduates of our computer class are finding jobs in cyber cafes.

    • The attendees of our leadership conference include their certificates of attendence on their resumes; pastors teach their congregations from the conference outlines.

    • Our Bible day camp videos show clearly the spiritual effect our trainees are having on large groups of children, as well as their increasing leadership skills. 

      See also testimonials from our donors.

Haiti Share is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

100% of YOUR donations go to our programs, not to administrative costs.