Visit Haiti

Come to learn

It is not about what you can do for Haitians; it is about building relationships. Our brothers and sisters in Haiti may be poor materially, but they are rich in other ways. If we join hands, we can learn from each other.

Come to teach

Young Haitians are hungry to learn and grow. Many do not have enough money for tuition, but could profit from even a short course in a variety of topics. They need..

  • visitorMechanical Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Leadership Training
  • English
  • Craftmaking
  • Creativity with children

You name a skill, they will profit from learning it.

Do you think you have no skills? Teach them English. We can give you students who know enough to communicate with you and write essays in English, which you can then look over and correct. A wonderful way to bond with young Haitians!

The length of teaching trips varies, depending on what you would like to teach and the time you have available.

Note: At this time we do not offer "work trips" with planned work for you to do, such as building projects or medical clinics.


Take the first step

I would like to discuss with you the possibility of my coming to Haiti and visiting Haiti Share's training center. (Please fill in all information.)

Please tell us why you are interested in coming to Haiti: