Business and Economics

Overview of our Economic Philosophy

  • Success in business depends on obedience to Biblical principles.

  • It is the job of the government to enact laws that enhance the ablility of its citizens to provide for themselves.

  • We should not expect obedience to God to bring us an abundance of riches. The Bible promises that God will meet the needs of the faithful, but it is also full of counsel to be content with what we have and warns against us considering godliness as means of financial gain.

  • All our decisions, including financial decisions, need to be made in the light of whether this supports and strengthens the vision and ministries to which God has called us.

  • We discourage speculative investments and get rich schemes and base our hope on the slow, steady increases that come from sustained hard work, focused concentration and a willingness to continue to learn how to improve the business.

  • We strive to create and support businesses that encourage mutual assistance and cooperation, are responsive to environmental concerns, give each worker a sense of dignity and personal accomplishment and promote the welfare of the community.


Biblical Principles of Economics
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