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Betty with childWelcome to our website. I hope you will find it easy to navigate and that it will quickly lead you to the heart of our vision and the strategies we are using to fulfill our mission.

I have had a dream, ever since we started in 2007, that we would not only be of service to Haitians, but also to other nonprofits and to the general public as well. Toward this end, I am including several subpages of our resource page that might be of broad interest.

I would also like to share with you some words from other friends of Haiti Share, both here and in Haiti, who have caught our vision and are able to speak eloquently about it. Here are some quotes I have compiled:

...from Raymond (director of Haitian operations)

...from our sponsored students

...from our supporters

I also have included several memoirs which I wrote in my early years in Haiti and after the earthquake.

Finally, I occasionally have expressed my thoughts about our vision in articles, which I am putting on a page I call "Executive Corner"

The seeds of many of these things have been on our website for a long time, but I am hoping the the clearer organization will make them more readly accessible, and will make it easier for me to be faithful in keeping them up to date.

Thank you for your interest in Haiti and in Haiti Share.

May God bless you.

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Betty J. Harmsen