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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is "to facilitate the intellectual, spiritual, and character development of Haitians who demonstrate leadership potential and to assist them in becoming self-supporting, responsible, community-minded members of their society."

Our Vision for Haiti

We see a future with a substantial number of spiritually vibrant, mentally focused and emotionally mature young Haitians, supporting themselves and their families and reaching out in small groups of like-minded Haitians to relieve the life-crushing burdens of their fellow countrymen and empowering the next generation to do the same.


Haiti Share is not church-affiliated but the leadership wholeheartedly believes that God is alive and active in this world today. Above all, we believe in the power of Jesus Christ to transform lives.

Fundamental Guidelines

Local solutions for local problems

We believe that if we teach Haitians the skills they lack they will be able to resolve their mind-numbing problems in ways that fit their culture and are self-sustaining.

We believe that one of the best ways to build leadership is to put young people into small teams where they learn to work together, to resolve conflicts peacefully and to build trust in one another.

We believe in sharing not only our finanial and intellectual resources but our power, with the goal of having the administration of Haiti Share increasingly carried out by Haitians themselves.