Young Haitians speak out

First Principles

ARROW Strive for Integrity

"So we need to stay close to God, to pray for guidance, leadership and integrity and keep faith that God will bless us and open doors."
... a team member

ARROW Show respect

"If you don't respect you won't be respected. Generally everyone owes respect to each other but when you are sincere, lovable and honest you get double respect."

...a team member

ARROW Focus your mind

"As soon as we see the problem, the solution is close.  It’s about thinking before it happens, but if it happens, let's search for the solution."

...a team member

ARROW Communicate clearly

"It is very important to have a true dialogue with one another. We would have a better world if everyone spoke the truth to each other. If we talk many, many things can change."
...a team member

Spiritual Foundations

"We will not stop praying, even in the silence we will trust and believe God. We have a full joy that God will do amazing things for us, not because we are perfect. But just because we know His name and we call to Him for help."...director of Haitian operations

Regarding the computer class:  "I teach them tonight about respect and love.  We are a Christian organization.  We can open all doors when we have principles.  We pray before the class begins, and at the end we are a family, for a new Haiti."...director of Haitian operations

"Things are very hard here. Please pray for us. We need that. When the government doesn't know what to do, Jesus knows. The Bible says we don't need to worry, in all things, trust the Lord. We trust Him when we have, when we don't have."
...a team member

Spotlight on Dr. Ben Carson

From the story of Dr. Carson I learned... put God first place in my life.

...if you don't make an effort to learn, you are like a slave who is not allowed to read.

...that I don't have to wait until just before the test to study.

...that I can control my temper.

...when you have a dream, nobody can destroy it