from our supporters

Nov 5, 2013

Always remember the humble beginning of this ministry and God is raising you guys up to be his hands and feet in this challenging land. You guys are the change our nation is greatly in need of."...from Dr. J.S. Volcy, leadership conference speaker and Executive Director of Teen Challenge, Haiti

Sept 26, 2013

"What I like is that you are not insisting on American ways, you are letting your team adapt Haiti Share to their culture. You are letting go and letting them take ownership." ...from Pastor Mike H.Aug. 23, 2013

Aug 20, 2013

Regarding the Behind the Scenes video

"I knew intellectually it was not easy for your team to organize a large-scale event in Haiti, but after watching this video, I know it emotionally"...Christine F.

"I was impressed with the volitional responsibility of the Haiti Share team members in focusing on the opportunity to share the gospel with children, instead of on the obstacles they face in putting their Bible Day Camps together"...Bob G.

more coming soon