Upcoming: Annual Leadership Conferenc

Date: Nov. 1, 2017
Place: 10, rue l'Union entrée Paloma, Carrefour. 
Topic: Développement de l’esprit entrepreneurial (Development of an entrepreneurial spirit)
Speakers: Rock Andre and CEDEL-HAITI

Enroll them in one of the best universities or trade schools in Haiti.

photo of young Haitian

Provide them with leadership training through conferences, classes, mentoring and more.

photo of young Haitian

Place them in a team whose members work together to plan and carry out projects.

photo of young Haitian


Mission Trip missionaries

A Haiti Share Mission trip was held in Miragoane, Shalon: August 30- September 3, 2017.

Fifteen people went as missionaries, including 3 pastors. They went to 183 homes and held 6 church services, as well as speaking to people in the public market, on the street, and holding several training sessions for the youth and leaders of some of the churches there.

Annual Bible Camp camp

Dates: August 21 - August 25
Location: Haiti Share Training Center
Ages: 8 - 18
Teachers: The young Haitians we are training.
Title: "Children are special in the eyes of God,"
curriculum prepared by Pastor Ulysses Lemite of Carrefour, Haiti

boys at camp

Thank you for your support!



Haiti Share's Tenth Anniversary Celebration

Haiti Share's tenth anniversary celebration was held on June 29, 2017 in Carrefour, Haiti. In the morning, 150 people including team members, children in Junior Haiti Share, their parents, volunteers and friends from the neighborhood celebrated at the training center with praises, songs, testimonies and prayers, followed by lunch.  From 2-6, there was a special service in a nearby school auditorium attended by 300 community members. Part of the agenda was to explain our programs to those who did not know Haiti Share well and let them know how they can connect with Haiti Share.


Testimonial by Stephanie
member of Haiti Share team
(center right photo)

Ten years of training, spiritual transformation, love, joy, learning, instruction, leadership, experiences that forge our character.

Ten years that have shown us that Haiti can change, that hope, patience, and love for each other bring great blessing and peace.

Thank you God, and thank you to all those who helped us build and who believed in us!

Time Line: 10 years of Haiti Share

Anniversary brochure: Creole   English


Young adults: We have 7 students in higher education: 4 in Port-au-Prince universities, 3 in trade school and 6 students in "heavy truck school," to learn how to operate machines used in reconstruction projects.

Junior Haiti Share: School sponsorships and Saturday classes for 50 children

Classes in computer skills & English for young adults

Monthly talent show for 200 neighborhood children


Coverng Roofs in Jeremie, Haiti
May 8 - May 15, 2017

covering roofs

A team of 9 Haitians from Haiti Share went to a poor community on the outskirts of Jeremie, Haiti to put roofs on several homes that had been devastated by Hurricane Matthew and had still not been repaired. Jeremie is about 170 miles from our training center near Port-au-Prince. They bought the materials from local businesses in Jeremie in order to encourage the economy there.

"We have so many stories and at times we were on the verge of heartbreak, to see how the people suffer in soul and in body. But we did the best we could to help them. We want to thank the donors and churches who supported the trip. God will bless you, as do the people that have a roof now."...from the director of Haitian operations

See earlier Haiti Share relief efforts


ELEANOR WORKMAN, founder of the Christian Haitian Outreach, entered into the joy of her Lord on May 29, 2017 at the age of 97. My tribute to Eleanor by Betty Harmsen

2017 Annual Training Retreat

Dates: February 26-28, 2017
Place: Villa Orison in Carrefour
Speakers: Pastor Mike and Sharon Harris
Title: Our Spiritual Journey


There were 49 attendees, including students Haiti Share is sponsoring, young people who volunteer for Haiti Share, and some pastors with whom Haiti Share is working, along with their wives. (The topics included letting Christ live through us and building strong relationships, with an emphasis on the marriage relationship.)

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